Now you can access information and pilot systems by MEANING.
In natural language. In different languages.
Forget about keywords and limited bots.
Welcome to solutions that understand both people and data.
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Intelligent interaction between man and data is the next stage of our digital civilization.
With its industrial and business partners, LEXISTEMS makes it happen today.
A major innovation
LEXISTEMS' technologies enable everyone to search, connect and analyze information, or to pilot systems, by MEANING. Which is 100x more powerful and pertinent than with keywords.
Exchanges take place in natural language (in different languages if necessary) through voice, text or directly from machine to machine. For organizations, users and Society as a whole, MEANING has immediate benefits in simplicity, performance and empowerment.
Name your use case
At our customers, LEXISTEMS's solutions cover a wide range of needs and assignments. They generate expert insights from complex questions. They gather and connect heterogeneous data and documents to return added-value information automatically. They industrialize knowledge mining and analysis in general or business contexts. In the simplest possible way.
ROI first
LEXISTEMS' solutions are ROI-oriented. They produce actionable results and create substantial value out of business and public data (textual, numeric, mathematic, geographic...). They benchmark in minutes, fit directly into existing devices or applications, can be consumed à la carte and implement end-to-end security - hence their total GDPR compliance.
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MEANING bridges the gap between people and digital systems.
It deprecates keywords, intents and the applications that rely on them.
Keywords are monolingual, fixed, spelling-dependent sequences of characters. From a computer's standpoint, they're just meaningless "shapes". When using digital systems, this has significant implications:
No match on spelling variations or imprecisions
Poor performance with voice interfaces
No results on synonyms or semantic equivalents
No fuzzy, conceptual or incomplete searches
No complex queries as several keywords generally overlap or eliminate each other
Proprietary logic formulas for expressing alternatives, equivalents, negations, etc.
No adaptability to multilingual contexts (like searching by content on documents or media in another language).
This logically explains why applications based on keywords or programmatic intents only handle very basic queries.
They just search exact clusters of letters, regardless of meaning and context.
MEANING, on the contrary, solves these problems naturally - like we humans do.
For business and personal applications, for exponentially increasing data, that makes all the difference.
With MEANING, our digital world adapts to us. Not the other way around.

Many technologies ahead

LEXISTEMS®'s core API defines "State-of-the-art" in people-centric technologies.
Its mission: To enable MEANING in any software stack.
Delivering applications that truly understand people requires both a new approach to data processing and a scalable framework of world-class Natural Language and Artificial Intelligence components. That, in short, is LEXISTEMS' API.
Resulting from 12+ years of R&D in close collaboration with the most advanced Labs in the fields, processes everything by MEANING. With meaning, the traditional limitations of keywords or programmatic intents disappear. Since doesn't rely on monolingual sequences of characters to access knowledge or perform operations, it handles requests in the way we humans think, and speak. With all our defaults, variations, beauty and complexity.
Technically, the API is an extensible pipeline of granular, mission-oriented workers that can be freely organized to ensure use case specificity on top of generic human and data comprehension. To achieve end-to-end meaning-based processing, these workers belong to one of four global categories:
LEXISTEMS' Technologies diagram 01.
Lexical / Statistical reference data
These components help understand and disambiguate everyday / business / vertical language.
Multilingual Natural Language
These components turn signal / input (text or speech) into ideas.
These components link the ideas and concepts in user questions to target data.
Artificial Intelligence
These components enable learning and modeling, organize processing and ensure the pertinence of results.
UNIQUENESS, EXPLAINED is permanently augmented with in-house R&I + R&D and select, benchmarked advances in open source contributions and worldwide research. For instance, we use our own collection of transformers / reformers for customer-specific transfer learning out of proprietary generic + vertical language models.
Another illustration of's uniqueness is that it doesn't rely solely on commonplace statistical approaches like most recent AI shops do. Bringing in probabilistic methods, for example, helps achieve higher Bayesian conditional probability in disambiguation, which just translates into better understanding - especially in context management.
A word about green code. As HPC veterans, we know pretty well how efficient programming requires less hardware and energy resources. That really makes a difference in systems performance, reliability, cost and carbon footprint.
More technology
HARDWARE & SOFTWARE AGNOSTICISM's components and models are developed and trained on the most powerful systems available today, either in-house or remotely on private HPC clusters depending on the workload.
They run indifferently on CPUs, GPUs or specialized derivatives like APUs, TPUs and FPGAs (LEXISTEMS is a privilege partner of both Intel and NVIDIA). applications can be deployed as backend APIs or embedded within devices. Backends APIs are delivered as orchestrable containers to be called securely over http2/3, on any cloud including 100% on-premise for sensitive data. A migration path from full API to partly or totally embedded is readily available. is equally UI-agnostic, and therefore compatible with any frontend / middleware software stack including components like ASRs. It comes with (free) optional IIFEs that make granular data comsumption in UIs a delicious piece of cake.
(Image courtesy NVIDIA Corp.)
LEXISTEMS' Technologies - Languages.
Depending on the task, uses the relevant programming languages, thus allowing easy integration of customers plugins into the pipeline for specific / sensitive jobs. Because exposes connectors everywhere, LEXISTEMS engineers need not see what's going on in customers proprietary code.
Backend-wise, Python means rapid assimilation of research libraries that can later be customized, cythonized or ported for production speedups up to 50x. Rust is standard for mature components when near-assembler speed is required, as well as CUDA for GPU / parallel acceleration.
Data-wise, applies (and contributes to) Open Data standards like JSON-LD, RDF, OWL(-DL), SPARQL and Turtle, on universal, language-agnostic ontologies. So no proprietary formats, no breaking changes and total reusability / extensibility of all data-driven efforts.
Frontend-wise, javascript is used throughout's codebase, for universal adaptation to any UI.
END-TO-END SUPPORT is a flexible technical toolbox with a focus on productivity.
LEXISTEMS and other vendors who build applications with it benefit from a comprehensive set of debugging, metering and monitoring tools at both backend and frontend levels (check out the animation). comes with extensive, versioned documentation including paste-and-run code examples, and round-the-clock support from a committed team of high-level engineers.

(Literally) Sensible Solutions

Challenging business needs demand the value and power of MEANING.
Introducing a growing family of best-in-class solutions...
LEXISTEMS "Sensible" solutions share a common edge: as industrialized applications of our awards-winning® technologies, they understand precisely what users want and the data they are querying. When ease of use and efficiency matters, at work or at home, that changes everything.
Deprecating keywords in favor of meaning isn't their only achievement. They also ingest industry and corporate knowledge easily, learn and improve automatically, deploy with no disruption, keep data within their datastores and scale up to petabyte-size information repositories. In short, they generate an equal amount of value and customer satisfaction.
SensibleTV is the home entertainment assistant that everyone has been waiting for.
Working standalone or on top of vocal assistants like Google's or Amazon Alexa, SensibleTV aggregates TV programs, VOD contents and additional services via a unified interface that understands people the way they speak. It delivers rich, context-aware results, and guarantees total, beyond-GDPR data and user privacy.
For users of all ages and skills, this is a revolution in practical simplicity and digital empowerment.
For the Media & Entertainment industry, SensibleTV is 80x cheaper and 20x faster to integrate, deploy and monetize. It does not require additional electronics, fits right into existing devices and applications, and runs 100% on customers’ infrastructure. Which translates into total affordability for their end users.
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LEXISTEMS SensibleData is the only data processing engine that works by meaning instead of keywords.
Meaning sets new standards in the search, connection, analysis and generation of information. It gives actionable answers to virtually any kind of question. On existing data and documents. From existing (or new) bots and applications. It's as simple as that.
For private and public organizations, SensibleData creates unprecedented value out of data assets - business and/or public - by making them easier to monetize and consume by all types of audiences.
SensibleData is industry-agnostic. With connectors everywhere, it ingests corporate knowledge immediately, can be augmented with vertical-specific expertise (from LEXISTEMS or other vendors) and integrates customers black box plugins for sensitive information. Typical production deployments are completed in less than a month, with no technical prerequisite and no IT disruption.
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LEXISTEMS APIs: monetize your data today!
Your data is your capital
When your teams and customers access and process your data by MEANING on any device...
you monetize it to the fullest.