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LEXISTEMS creates people-centric AI technologies that solve human-to-digital problems.

Our Sensible Solutions® are based on meaning, which deprecates keywords and programmed intents. From true voice-enablement to human-level information processing, they help our customers build apps, products and services that understand people and data.

In addition to business performance and intuitiveness, LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions benefit users in two other essential dimensions: they're provably eco-responsible, and they protect data and privacy from end to end.

LEXISTEMS is headquartered in France with a US subsidiary in Newark, DE. The Sensible Solutions are available worldwide via a network of partners specialized in geographical and vertical markets: The SENSIBLE Alliance.

More about LEXISTEMS
LEXISTEMS Corporate presentation.
LEXISTEMS Corporate presentation.
LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's AI Masterclass - EDHEC
LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's AI Masterclass - EDHEC
LEXISTEMS Sensible Solutions' Active CO2 Optimization
LEXISTEMS Sensible Solutions' Active CO2 Optimization
LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's Live Instagram w/ Eric Lemaire
LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's Live Instagram w/ Eric Lemaire
LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's Interview -
LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's Interview -
LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch Use Case: TotalEnergie's Smarty.
LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch Use Case: TotalEnergie's Smarty.
LEXISTEMS SensibleTV Consumer Demo.
LEXISTEMS SensibleTV Consumer Demo.
LEXISTEMS SensibleTV Demo - IBC 2018.
LEXISTEMS SensibleTV Demo - IBC 2018.
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2023
    2023 was one for the books. May 2024 bring you lots of love, memorable adventures and exciting opportunities.
    Happy New Year from the whole team here at LEXISTEMS!
  • LEXISTEMS joins <em>Hub France IA</em>

    LEXISTEMS joins Hub France IA

    November 28, 2023
    Committed to boosting the French AI ecosystem, Hub France IA encourages the proximity of actors and promotes applied and sovereign AI solutions in order to accelerate the development of operational projects. This is a very timely and relevant initiative as it tries to bridge the numerous gaps that still exist between offer and demand in this very specific "market".
    So LEXISTEMS is happy to join, to participate in the emergence of new projects and to collaborate to working groups that aim to advance such fundamental subjects as AI ethics, standardization and auditability, among others. France IA represents AI excellence, and LEXISTEMS is proud to partake.
  • LEXISTEMS announces SensibleExtractions<sup>®</sup>, a flexible solution to industrialize data extractions from text- or image-based documents

    LEXISTEMS announces SensibleExtractions®, a flexible solution to industrialize data extractions from text- or image-based documents

    October 12, 2023
    The document processing industry (typically a BPO market - Business Process Outsourcing) is at a kind of crossroad. The traditional players in the field face a number of challenges as their applicative and performance levels tend to obsolescence in scenarios of fully-automated downstream workflows.
    Given LEXISTEMS' field-proven ability to accurately extract data from any document (text- or image-based), we are now timely packaging a dedicated API to transform documents into structured data. This analytical AI-based API is at the same time very simple and very powerful: define the data you need (down to e.g. granular elements in invoices tables' rows and columns), send documents (PDFs, PNGs, JPGs...) and expect JSON / XML / SQL (all flavors) in return. The conversion takes place in a matter of seconds, with levels of accuracy far beyond those attained by the traditional (mostly algorithmic) techniques. Fully industrialized, the API has been designed to be integrated as functional component in larger solutions and is available as a white label solution.
    Stay tuned for more.
  • LEXISTEMS announces SensibleGenerative<sup>®</sup>, the sovereign Generative AI that complements any existing application

    LEXISTEMS announces SensibleGenerative®, the sovereign Generative AI that complements any existing application

    September 6, 2023
    Ever since ChatGPT made the corporate and general public aware of its benefits, Generative AI is all the rage. Yes, there's a lot of noise and hype, but the trend is here for a reason. Despite its biases and imperfections, Generative AI facilitates access to knowledge, saves time and brings a lot in terms of data processing automation.
    However, when it comes to actual deployment in corporate environments, things are not that simple. The main hurdle is data security. It has been evidenced that data sent to ChatGPT and the likes (Bard, Claude...) is incorporated into their knowledge base and therefore susceptible to being used in answers to questions by other users, including competitors. In a nutshell: send even mildly sensitive data and you take the risk of your data being publicly exposed.
    That is why LEXISTEMS today releases SensibleGenerative®, a Generative AI API that can be deployed entirely on clients premises or even embedded within mobile apps, which justs prevents all risks of data leak or predation. In addition to being as frugal and CO2-optimized as every other Sensible Solution® (another hefty concern with large LLMs), SensibleGenerative is designed to be environment-agnostic. In plain English, that means you can plug it (tightly or remotely) to any existing application: the application sends data and the AI returns generative answers about this data (questions, synthesizing, context-aware insights generation...). The application / API contract is extremely flexible. There's no technical or data format prerequisites. Actually, it is the very same API we use ourselves for instance to make SensibleSearch® a full-featured RAG (Retrieval augmented generation) platform.
    Interested in adding state-of-the-art Generative AI to your existing application(s)? Get in touch, you will be suprised at how easy, secure and empowering it is.
  • LEXISTEMS SensibleSpeech<sup>®</sup> breaks speed records for the transcription + translation of audio and video

    LEXISTEMS SensibleSpeech® breaks speed records for the transcription + translation of audio and video

    July 5, 2023
    Not only was SensibleSpeech® one of the most accurate Speech-to-text API (as evidenced by common industry metrics). It is now probably one if not the fastest on the market today.
    In a recent experiment for France's Assemblée Nationale, 2 hours of video debates were transcripted and diarized in less than 10 minutes. This tedious task normally takes between 6 and 8 hours to a skilled human, who is now freed from that kind of chore and therefore recovers time to perform added-value tasks more in line with their abilities.
    This particular transcription was done on a small API server equipped with a rather mid-range GPU (an NVidia Quadro A6000). But the GPU was not an absolute requirement. SensibleSpeech is capable of running on CPU only, with a performance penalty of about 25% time-wise (no difference accuracy-wise). For this experiment, no translation was necessary: it was a French to French job. But in the perspective of the Paris Olympic Games 2024, SensibleSpeech's transcription (real-time or offline) + translation combo should be a winner. Expect roughly 1% more time to complete a transcription with a translation.
  • LEXISTEMS steals the generative AI show at Vivatech 2023

    LEXISTEMS steals the generative AI show at Vivatech 2023

    June 18, 2023
    The 2023 edition of VivaTech ends up on an extremely positive note for LEXISTEMS: quality visitors with very relevant technical and operational questions, a dozen of public pitches around our meaning-based natural language processing technologies (now with generative AI!), and numerous opportunities for our Sensible Solutions® with mid-sized businesses, large groups and public institutions, as well as startups looking for white labelling integration.
    The stars on LEXISTEMS booth:
      - projects including a sovereign, secure and CO2-optimized ChatGPT equivalent
      - very ambitious embedded AI projects (like in vehicles)
      - the automated creation of value out of large volumes of audio and video assets.
    TLDR: our schedules are literally packed full for the next six weeks!
    A big Thank You to Solutions&co and Région Pays de la Loire for their invaluable support.
  • LEXISTEMS announces first sovereign and RGPD-compliant Generative search solution

    LEXISTEMS announces first sovereign and RGPD-compliant Generative search solution

    June 2, 2023
    LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch today becomes the first French sovereign RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) solution, a platform that merges meaning-based search on any documents and a generative AI that synthesize the search results into answers easily consumable by any audience.
    Imagine a usecase on Type 1 Diabetes. You want to know more about the condition, so you ask SensibleSearch "What are the main causes of T1D?" and you get a very clear answer with eveything you neeed to know to familiarize yourself with the topic. Now imagine another usecase on Alzheimer's disease. You're a physician or a chemical engineer and you ask "Could tau-based therapies such as tau aggregation inhibitors bring any benefit as a treatment approach?"  This time you'll get an answer more in phase with the technicality of your question, based on a corpus of documents like, for instance, all PubMed publications on the subject for the last 40 years (in English or other languages).
    Of course, the applications are countless. From field technicians with a tablet-based app including data and model to legal professional having to wrestle with vast amounts of code and jurisprudence from a variety of sources, everybody benefits.
    Adding true generative AI to SensibleSearch just augmented its prime virtues: meaning-based, CO2-optimized, RGPD-compliant and deployable 100% on premises. It takes only several hours for having a typical use case available (we have many to demonstrate and are always happy to set up ones on customer data), from documents ingestion to complete solution consumability. How about seeing for yourself?
  • LEXISTEMS solutions are now referenced at UGAP / SCC

    LEXISTEMS solutions are now referenced at UGAP / SCC

    June 1, 2023
    We're happy to announce that LEXISTEMS Sensible Solutions® are now available from the UGAP (Union des groupements d'achats publics) - SCC buying association. Being at UGAP - SCC's catalog means simpler and more fluid relations with major institutional players such as administrations, ministries and public companies. From a sales logistics standpoint, simplified procedures, more than 600 UGAP reresentatives and a higher threshold of direct sales without calls to tenders is also a significant benefit for all parties involved. That explains UGAP's killer numbers, like 22,000 clients and 4.65 billion euros of business annually.
    This integration, available only to companies selling products, not services, validates our efforts to achieve sovereign excellence and solutions maturity. It also follows LEXISTEMS' selection into the DeepNum20 last November (see below). May La French Tech be thanked once again for their trust and support.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron gathers France's tech leaders, among whom LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier

    French President Emmanuel Macron gathers France's tech leaders, among whom LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier

    February 23, 2023
    By inviting the Next40, FT120 and DeepNum20 leaders at the Elysée Palace, President Macron wanted to both outline 10 years of achievement by the French Tech ecosystem and map directions for 2030 -- "with the ambition that France becomes the most innovative country and gets back on the reindustrialization track". An objective that encompasses the mission of the selected biotechs, fintechs, greentechs and, of course, deeptechs.
    Generously endowed and actively supported by a very dedicated team, the PIA (Programme Investissments d'Avenir) and now the #France2030 Program already helped finance several hundreds of startups, either directly through a variety of financial instruments, or indirectly by requests for projects that favor alliances and partnerships between smaller and larger enterprises. A particular focus is placed on helping entrepreneurs succed in industrializing lab work, by themselves or with the help of well-established players in their sector. With #France2030, this vision is further structured into 3 key societal purposes - to better produce, to better live, to better understand the world around us - with 10 identified targets including low-carbon aviation, green hydrogen, space, cultural contents and artistic expressions.
    President Macron however called for more optimism on the VC front, reminding everyone that everywhere in Europe as well as in France's Régions, demand for innovation was at its highest (regardless of Coronavirus cycles) while the job market displays its best numbers since 1982. A point further emphasized by Nicolas Dufourcq, head of BPI France, who notes that in times of relative economic uncertainty, it's always the virtuous cycle of performance (by businesses and clients alike) that brings the larger returns on investment.
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2022
    As a company and a team of people, LEXISTEMS wishes you the best and most for 2023!
  • LEXISTEMS in French Tech's DeepNum20 - the only one in NLP and Voice Recognition

    LEXISTEMS in French Tech's DeepNum20 - the only one in NLP and Voice Recognition

    October 27, 2022
    We're all very proud to announce that LEXISTEMS was selected by a panel of experts from the French government to be part of French Tech's DeepNum20, a special Program that "aims to create technological champions who propose disruptive innovations in strategic sectors of the economy." (Robotics, CyberSecurity, Cloud, Space, Quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence...). Of the 22 Deep Tech startups in the Program, 6 only are in the AI ecosystem, and only one of them -- guess which -- in the domains of Natural Language Processing and Voice Recognition.
    According to the Program's manifesto, the selected startups are those "with the greatest potential (...), providing a very high level of differentiation compared to existing solutions, with a potential for large-scale deployment." We couldn't characterize LEXISTEMS more accurately ;-)
    Together with Green20 and Agri20, DeepNum20 is a pillar of the France 2030 Strategy, a €10.5 billion investment plan to help strengthen the excellence and sovereignty of the country's critical technologies. France 2030 was planned and is supported at the highest levels of the French governement. To continue emphasizing the commitment, Jean-Noël Barrot, Ministre Délégué Chargé de la Transition Numérique et des Télécommunications, received all laureates today, among whom LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier, during a ceremony at Saclay, one of France's most emblematic centers of advanced digital research.
    A great Thank you to our people and customers. We wouldn't have made it without you.
  • LEXISTEMS optimizes CO2 emissions in all APIs and returns carbon metrics with every API result

    LEXISTEMS optimizes CO2 emissions in all APIs and returns carbon metrics with every API result

    June 6, 2022
    As expressed in our Environmental Mission Statement, LEXISTEMS' SensibleSolutions® now implement eco-responsible AIs and APIs with energy and carbon emission metrics included in every returned result, as part of the result's overall explainability. The objective: to help our customers reach their climate-neutrality objectives without sacrificing state-of-the-art performance or functionality.
    Squaring that circle was no small feat. From extensive benchmarking to HPC-grade coding efficiency and API embeddability, this company-wide effort is based on six greenwashing-free commitments that are now standard best practices at LEXISTEMS. Is there room for improvement? For sure, and we will definitely stay the course, but the results achieved today already put us way ahead of the competition, especially cloud-based GAFAM. Now, let a video speak a thousand words...
  • NVIDIA Webinar: LEXISTEMS speaks on "How to Customize Speech AI Apps"

    NVIDIA Webinar: LEXISTEMS speaks on "How to Customize Speech AI Apps"

    May 23, 2022
    NVIDIA's conversational AI SDKs are a blessing for AI shops looking to quickly enter the speech arena on NVIDIA hardware platforms, but they're easier taught than self-learnt! That is why, following our GTC 2021 session on "How to Quickly Build Working ASR Systems", NVIDIA asked LEXISTEMS to introduce the audience to NVIDIA RIVA's inner workings on common occidental languages like English and French. Other speakers included Kevo Technologies for the Basque language and Tarteel for Arabic as a whole.
    For more than an hour, 100+ business participants have been able to discover RIVA's capabilities in the perspective of the current ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) landscape, then dive deeper into RIVA's fine tuning options (generic language models, custom models...) and finally get a bonus series of do's and dont's from LEXISTEMS' hand-on experience with voice stacks. Different use cases were studied, namely those based on widely-used languages and those requiring languages yet unsupported by RIVA, with different training strategies using NVIDIA's TAO toolkit and NVIDIA Nemo, respectively.
    After theory came practice and demonstrations. LEXISTEMS used its SensibleSpeech technology to show everyone how voice processing in products like SensibleMedia (the only "in media" search engine in the world) or SensibleTV (the all-integrated home entertainment assistant) has made tremendous progress in terms of speed and accuracy. A special emphasis was put on the quality of models. Benchmarks comparisons illustrated how critical it is for real life performance, especially with specific or business-oriented vocabularies. The key takeaway: RIVA proves to be a fast and scalable inferencer on NVIDIA hardware, perfectly capable of handling real-time workloads.
  • LEXISTEMS partners with ArmadAI for a unique cybersecurity 2.0 solution

    LEXISTEMS partners with ArmadAI for a unique cybersecurity 2.0 solution

    March 31, 2022
    ArmadAI develops and markets a very innovative solution that secures accesses to business documents and automatically prevents leaks of sensitive information. Without revealing precious trade secrets, the solution is based on a stack comprised of secret management, custodian management and management of the "need to know" APIs. As such, ArmadAI's solution brings a dual document content + clearance levels perspective to cybersecurity, thereby complementing any existing security platform with unique functionalities.
    In this equation, LEXISTEMS brings state-of-the-art components of automatic and dynamic analysis of documents content criticality. This is based on the same technology used in LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch. Security managers just have to define where documents are stored and the technology takes care of the rest, including documents updates of any frequency. This results in a finer-grained criticality classification, which in turn allows for a smarter access control based on users profiles.
    Stay tuned for the official release of the solution and the annoucement of initial customers.
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's Masterclass on Artificial Intelligence at EDHEC

    LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier's Masterclass on Artificial Intelligence at EDHEC

    January 31, 2022
    "A company both brilliant and French!" That's how LEXISTEMS was introduced to the EDHEC MBA students before Marie started painting a global picture of the issues at stake with Artificial Intelligence in the 2020's. To begin with, an experience-based explanation was necessary to clarify what AI is and isn't, what it can and cannot do, and what to expect of it today and in a foreseeable future. Then, Marie took the audience to a tour of real-life business use cases with specific challenges relating to efficient data access, data security and systems compliance with privacy regulations.
    While presenting technologies with hands-on demonstrations, a focus was made on two applications that offer truly unique possibilities. The first one was based on LEXISTEMS SensibleMedia: it showed how easy it is now to search the *content* of videos, podcasts and recorded visios. The results are very precise, can be configured on the fly for any specific search context, and include a "Play" button to play the media at the time of the returned result, which is a huge time saver.
    The second example application was based on a composition of LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch and SensibleSpeech: it showed an assistant to a bank officer that silently listens to the conversation with a customer in order to identify business themes (say a car loan, a mortgage renegiociation or a credit card problem) and then, in real time, present the officer with brochures, forms or other documents relevant to the identified themes. A kind of customer service 2.0, with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Needless to say, these two applications, while illustrating what AI can really bring to users and organizations, sort of stole the show...
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2021
    LEXISTEMS wishes everyone the best possible 2022. Sincerely.
  • NVIDIA GTC 2021 (Tel Aviv): LEXISTEMS' session on "How to Quickly Build Working ASR Systems"

    NVIDIA GTC 2021 (Tel Aviv): LEXISTEMS' session on "How to Quickly Build Working ASR Systems"

    November 11, 2021
    NVIDIA's efforts to provide bootstrap conversational AI stacks is starting to pay off. Demonstrating the fundamentals of the technical proposition and illustrating it with use case examples in multiple languages was the main purpose of this technical GTC session. We were happy to have engineers from Accenture, Atos, Botlabs, Ikea, Helvetia, Mobileye, Vodafone, Wells Fargo and many Universities among the attendants.
    The topic being to get practically started with AI-based speech recognition, the session's focus revolved around using NeMo, NVIDIA's framework for building, training and fine-tuning GPU-accelerated speech and Natural Language Understanding models in Python. With NeMo, developers can create new model architectures and train them using mixed-precision compute on Tensor Cores in NVIDIA GPUs through easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs).
    Taking French, Spanish and Arabic as examples, LEXISTEMS showed how using pretrained models helps reaching decent WER (Word Error Rate) metrics on common test sets like Mozilla Common Voice and OpenSLR LibriSpeech. From this first step, the mission becomes more use case-specific as building home-made custom datasets is generally required for the application to be real-life ready. We illustrated this out of experience in integrating LEXISTEMS SensibleSpeech to LEXISTEMS SensibleTV, the all-integrated home entertainment assistant: from datasets choice to data augmentation and training convergence, the sequence of technical decisions has a huge impact on final performance.
    The end of the session covered deployment scenarios like server-based inference using NVIDIA Triton and embedded (edge) inference with PyTorch Mobile. From stacks sizes to technical and model dependencies, each scenario has its own DEV and OPS challenges but there are solutions...
  • LEXISTEMS SensibleData<sup>®</sup> becomes SensibleSearch<sup>®</sup>

    LEXISTEMS SensibleData® becomes SensibleSearch®

    October 18, 2021
    As part of our joint program with the SENSIBLE Alliance to add legibility to our products lineup, we're happy to announce that what was formerly LEXISTEMS SensibleData now becomes LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch.
    The new name, which we initially registered at USPTO back in 2017, will better reflect SensibleSearch's enterprise search component status within LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions. This is important for Alliance members because it better reflects the possibility to combine SensibleSearch with SensibleSpeech or SensibleSummaries, for instance, in order to offer customers bespoke, turnkey solutions with unique added value.
    The name change is now effective everywhere, from marketing literature to technical documentation.
  • LEXISTEMS teams up with SENSIBLE Alliance partner BitSoft Team to democratize AI in Peru's financial sector

    LEXISTEMS teams up with SENSIBLE Alliance partner BitSoft Team to democratize AI in Peru's financial sector

    September 28, 2021
    Besides distribution and support of LEXISTEMS Sensible Solutions®, one of the SENSIBLE Alliance's main missions consists in evangelizing business sectors about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and AI-based solutions applied to their activities. This Tuesday, LEXISTEMS and BitSoft Team teamed up to host a webinar dedicated to the financial sector in Peru as a whole, with a central focus on boosting operational performance in a 360° processes perspective.
    As one can imagine, the areas in which AI can play a critical role are numerous. After a few clarifications on AI's possibilities, many exchanges revolved aroud the question of full automation (internal processes, customer care, transactions like small loans...) and compliance management, with a special emphasis on context. Peru's bank and insurance customers have a wide variety of digital devices and literacy, which raises the issue of solutions' consumability, simplicity and intuitiveness. That's precisely where the joint expertise of BitSoft Team and LEXISTEMS shined: our solutions being easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to monetize, everyone could easily picture the opportunities. We'll keep you posted on the first implemented results.
  • LEXISTEMS SensibleSpeech becomes fully embeddable, handles multilingual vertical-specific vocal commands or data queries

    LEXISTEMS SensibleSpeech becomes fully embeddable, handles multilingual vertical-specific vocal commands or data queries

    July 8, 2021
    As promised to our customers, SensibleSpeech is now fully embeddable in a number of hardware platforms both custom (such as set-top boxes, multimedia assistants, industrial equiments, vehicles...) and off-the-shelf.
    Among the latter, Raspberry Pi 4 (in its "small", 4GB RAM version) is certainly one of the most interesting ones because of its low cost (+/- 50 USD in volumes) and universal ARM chip. Regardless of the Pi's minimal technical specs, SensibleSpeech fits fully on it, complete with language models, IOT or vertical-specific NLUs (by meaning) and active denoising. It can even work *without* network connection, which makes the combination ideal for environments with strict security requirements (medical, military...).
    We can't resist adding that this demontrates how lean, mean and eco-responsible our Sensible Solutions are.
    Raspberry Pi 4 is not the only commercial platform on which SensibleSpeech + Sensible NLU solutions are available. There's also NVIDIA's Jetson Nano and Asus' Tinker Edge (to begin with). Both include an AI-dedicated chip that accelerates inferences and therefore allows for a wider array of "at the edge" computing uses with the benefits of better performance and security, lower carbon footprint and total RGPD compliance.
  • MICRODATA S.A. joins LEXISTEMS' Sensible Alliance as our first EMEA partner

    MICRODATA S.A. joins LEXISTEMS' Sensible Alliance as our first EMEA partner

    June 21, 2021
    We're very happy to announce that Casablanca Stock Exchange listed MICRODATA S.A. joined the SENSIBLE Alliance today as the Alliance's first member in the EMEA region.
    Since 1991, MICRODATA helps its customers benefit from innovating technologies with a complete portfolio of infrastructure-related solutions and best-in-class services provided by the company's 10 technical centers (all Dell EMC, HP and Lenovo Certified) located across the Moroccan kingdom. Virtualization, advanced cloud computing and secured mobility are among today's main subjects, which paves the way towards the ICT community's holy grail, namely the Software-Defined Datacenter. This is especially important as the activities of MICRODATA's main customers - major banks and financial institutions, telecom operators... - require scalable and flexible operation with 24/7 availability. Helping the Moroccan government with the modernization of its information systems is also one of MICRODATA's company-wide projects, for a better and faster transition to modern public services.
    In this context, LEXISTEMS' Sensible Solutions are just a perfect addition to MICRODATA's offering. They bring in the added value of meaning-based data and voice technologies, allow sensitive information to be protected from GAFAM predation and contribute to more environmentally responsible AI applications, from modeling to inference. The opportunities to build great things together are countless. We're starting now.
  • Best Research Paper Award @ ESWC '21 for LEXISTEMS' Head of Research Thomas Pellissier-Tanon

    Best Research Paper Award @ ESWC '21 for LEXISTEMS' Head of Research Thomas Pellissier-Tanon

    June 10, 2021
    Since 2004, the ESWC (Extended Semantic Web Conference) has become a major venue for discussing the latest scientific results and technology innovations around semantic technologies. The goal of the community is to create knowledge and services in which content's semantics is made explicit and linked to other content and services. This network of information-based functionalities weaves together virtually unlimited sources of human knowledge. An by making knowledge algorithmically processable, it allows intelligent behaviour by machines and matching between users needs and information.
    In other words, one of LEXISTEMS' core commitments: A more human digital world by bridging the gap between people and data.
    In the paper, Thomas and co-author Fabian M. Suchanek (a full professor at Télécom Paris University in France) explore ways to use advances in neural network research in order to improve the automated correction of constraint violations. In particular, the suggested system makes use of graph content, literal embeddings and features extracted from Web pages to improve its performance, with experimental evaluation on Wikidata showing significant improvements over baselines. Bravo Thomas and Fabian, on behalf of all the engineering team here at LEXISTEMS.
  • LEXISTEMS publishes brilliant results for fiscal year 2020

    LEXISTEMS publishes brilliant results for fiscal year 2020

    March 15, 2021
    In addition to making great technological strides forward, LEXISTEMS announced very solid financial results for the past year, despite a high degree of global business slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Revenues have grown 145% year-over-year, from 2019 revenues that already marked a 50% increase compared to 2018. Gross margin is up 50%, a remarkable achievement, with Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) up 20%.
    One of the most interesting metrics for a startup like LEXISTEMS is the net earnings. At a slightly above industry average 12% this year, the "bottom line" would reach way beyond 20% without the significant investments we decided to make in compute resources and R&I efforts. On the one hand, as a proudly GAFAM-free AI innovator, we're committed to having our own infrastructure end-to-end for engineering and production, which guarantees total security for both our customers' data assets and our own intellectual property. On the other hand, with an ambitious roadmap for the next 5 years, we dedicated an exceptional percentage of our resources to finalizing core technologies that will give birth to truly disruptive business-oriented solutions from market and usage standpoints.
    In conclusion, these cool numbers prove that growth did not impact LEXISTEMS' notorious agility, which we owe first and foremost to a unique team of world-class engineers and business people on 4 continents. Considering the promising debut of LEXISTEMS' SENSIBLE Alliance and the upcoming fruition of a number of ongoing R&I + R&D efforts, the horizon ahead of us has never seemed brighter. A great Thank you for everyone's energy.
  • SYMETRY and LEXISTEMS together at Mexico's Convención Bancaria 84

    SYMETRY and LEXISTEMS together at Mexico's Convención Bancaria 84

    March 10, 2021
    With its slogan - "Banking as a driver of economic growth 2021" - La Convención Bancaria número 84 clearly shows its intention: to continue fostering the digital transformation of Mexico's banking industry towards world-class efficiency and profitability, for the benefit of every Mexican. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Convention had a virtual edition where prominent industry players had spacious 3D booths with upcale decoration and contemporary furniture. 2,500 attendees attended - way more than expected - which demonstrates again how dynamic the finance community is in this beautiful country.
    As a major supplier of banking solutions all over Mexico, SYMETRY SA de CV, one of the most recent Members of LEXISTEMS' SENSIBLE Alliance, was there with an impressive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions for most if not all of the banking value chain. Among these, LEXISTEMS' technologies were this year clearly exhibited, among which SensibleSearch for the search, connection and analysis of data by meaning, the officially forthcoming SensiblePrivacy (for customer data anonymization and the enforcement of data privacy regulations by meaning), as well as the also officially forthcoming SensibleSpeech, a very high performance and 100% GAFAM-free speech recognition system that can be totally device-embedded (as in no network required). Symetry and LEXISTEMS will do great things together. More coming up.


    February 24, 2021
    Founded in 1994 with 100% Mexican capital, SYMETRY SA de CV is a leading Mexican company with a high degree of specialization in the commercialization, development, integration and support of solutions for the banking, financial services, retail, education and government industries. SYMETRY's contribution to the financial industry in Mexico ranges from the massive implementation of barcodes that shaped the automation of service payments, the safe and efficient reading of checks, the implementation of mobile terminals, the successful implementation of automatic payment processes, the first independent check digitization and clearing systems in the Americas, and the creation of new security factors in the operation of bank windows and remote treasuries.
    For all parties involved, the arrival of SYMETRY within LEXISTEMS' SENSIBLE Alliance means manyfold benefits. The addition of the Mexican market to the Alliance's global reach - as well as the reciprocal addition of other Latin America markets to SYMETRY's - is further strengthened by the addition of SYMETRY's vertical R&I and R&D resources to ours. That is a textbook case of win-win partnership. In the name of all Members within the Alliance, we warmly welcome SYMETRY among us.
  • Happy New Year 2021!

    Happy New Year 2021!

    January 1, 2021
    May the new year bring everyone health, prosperity and luck.
    We look forward to continue serving you.
    The LEXISTEMS Team.
  • The LEXISTEMS University grants its first diplomas

    The LEXISTEMS University grants its first diplomas

    November 11, 2020
    As part of LEXISTEMS' SENSIBLE Alliance, The LEXISTEMS University is the place - most often virtual even though LEXISTEMS is a registered training center - where LEXISTEMS delivers flexible training to our Allies worldwide. Training is available across LEXISTEMS' portfolio of solutions and technologies, as well as on broader related topics, to help Alliance companies and their personnel acquire a certified expertise in areas that align to their business and personal objectives. Managers, engineers and salespeople can complete different combinations of training programs while or prior to Alliance status progressing, which benefits everyone.
    And today is a great day: the University's first 30 trainees received their first Certificates of Achievement, for a global Pre-sales Support course that was full of practical experiments and interactive exchanges. The LEXISTEMS University's Certificates come within their LEXISTEMS blue glass frame. They're adorned by an embossed golden seal, officialized by a unique number and will be published online so that recipients can prove their level of certification.
    A more technical syllabus is currently being prepared in alignment with LEXISTEMS' roadmap of forthcoming solutions releases, which will help Alliance Members better prepare for the integration and distribution of these new technologies within their own products and among their customer base. Stay tuned for more and if you don't know about the SENSIBLE Alliance yet, now is a good time to check it out!
  • LEXISTEMS LLC becomes LEXISTEMS' R&D and technical support armed wing in the Americas

    LEXISTEMS LLC becomes LEXISTEMS' R&D and technical support armed wing in the Americas

    October 24, 2020
    LEXISTEMS LLC was officially incorporated today, in Newark, DE. For LEXISTEMS and our partners in the SENSIBLE Alliance, this is an important step forward. In addition to marking a decisive milestone in our international development, our corporate presence in the USA enables us to provide pre-sales and technical assistance to our partners in the Americas (from Canada to Patagonia...) with more locality and a reduced time difference. Fluidity and seamlessness continue to be our focus to bolster the Alliance's efficiency.
  • LEXISTEMS is now a proud sponsor of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for animal protection

    LEXISTEMS is now a proud sponsor of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for animal protection

    July 28, 2020
    "As part of our societal reponsibility, sponsoring one of the most iconic Animal Protection Societies makes us all both proud and happy. Giving back some of the love we keep receiving is just who we are as people and an organization". Thus spoke Frederic Milliot, LEXISTEMS' Co-founder and CTO, when personally finalizing the agreement with the FBB.
    The Brigitte Bardot Foundation (La Fondation Brigitte Bardot) was launched by Bardot in Saint-Tropez, in 1986, where she auctioned her jewellery and other personal possessions to raise 3 million French francs for her campaigns and activities. In 1991, Bardot donated her Saint-Tropez property, La Madrague, to the foundation so as to raise the capital required to obtain a declaration of public utility. The declaration was granted in 1992 by the French government. In 1995, the Dalai Lama became an honorary member of the foundation. It now counts around 100,000 other members and is regularly associated with other famous organizations such as Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in operations of endangedered species preservation around the globe.
  • Be a Boss 2020: LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier secures Nantes victory

    Be a Boss 2020: LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier secures Nantes victory

    June 30, 2020
    After 6 years of existence, the Be a Boss contest is one of France's reference events regarding women's entrepreneurship: 5 regional legs and a final in Paris in which women CEOs of all industries participate, not only tech startups. As an organization, Be a Boss' objective is triple: to boost entrepreneurship ambition among women, to identify the next big regional and national things, and to promote the most promising companies through awards and support programs.
    This year, among a turnover of more than 1,000 contenders, LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier was invited to compete, starting with France's Western Region round that took place in Nantes. After a series of keynotes and a semi-final featuring the seven best pitches, Marie was declared cowinner with Gabrielle Rodier, CEO of Switch Up, an innovative Business Mobility platform. Granier defended the case of data processing by meaning - LEXISTEMS' core technology - which earned her a majority (maybe all?) of the jurors' vote. Cowinning is part of the contest organization: each region sends two representatives to the final that will take place some day in Paris, depending on the COVID-19 situation. LEXISTEMS was also awarded 30 k€ in national advertising space and a premium access to BPI financing programs. Thanks, Be a Boss!
  • <em>Leveraging enterprise data with automatic Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing</em> - a NetApp +  LEXISTEMS + APY White Paper

    Leveraging enterprise data with automatic Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing - a NetApp + LEXISTEMS + APY White Paper

    May 14, 2020
    How to make an organization's data and documents assets a sustainable source of profits, enhanced agility, competitive performance and customer satisfaction? How to make that automatic and non-disruptive from a processes standpoint? And how to make that cost-effective in a context of data deluge? This multi-dimensional objective, the very one faced by most businesses large and small, is the topic of a white paper published jointly by NetApp, LEXISTEMS and APY Groupe.
    Short and insightful, this is a sort of position paper. It defends the idea that, if chosen well, today's most advanced technologies - hard and soft - easily combine into simple, practical solutions that reveal and unleash the full power of data. The secret? Smart AI at all relevant levels. Optimized data access and delivery (across all kinds of architectures) plus meaning-based understanding of users queries and data content equals organizational empowerment. The demand may be challenging, the answer is both logical and straightforward.
    The white paper is free to download (no form to fill, no annoying follow-up) in English and, for those lucky enough to read such a great language, in French as well. Happy reading!
  • CES 2020: world premiere, much awaited features make LEXISTEMS SensibleTV a star among the M&E industry

    CES 2020: world premiere, much awaited features make LEXISTEMS SensibleTV a star among the M&E industry

    January 10, 2020
    While Vegas' Golden Knights unexpectedly lost 3-4 to Pittsburgh's Penguins in a much attended NHL home game, CES 2020 was the occasion for LEXISTEMS to demonstrate SensibleTV's new unique features to Altice Group, Orange, Comcast, Netflix, Disney and other major players in the M&E industry.
    In addition to meaning-based, conversational AI-models in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish), which gives LEXISTEMS solutions the ability to *really* understand people the way they speak, SensibleTV also showed off its fully GDPR-compliant unified interface (at the color and branding of a fictional telco) for TV programs, VOD contents and additional telco services. Full context management, total compatibility with Amazon's and Google's assistants, the possibility to offload part of the AI inference on the devices (STBs, TVs, etc.) as well as the ability to deploy and scale the solution entirely on a telco's infrastructure proved the most recurrent show stoppers. Be ready for SensibleTV in your home very soon...
  • Transat Jacques Vabre: LEXISTEMS invited by Leyton to support their world-class skippers

    Transat Jacques Vabre: LEXISTEMS invited by Leyton to support their world-class skippers

    December 20, 2019
    It is not unusual for Leyton, the international consultancy specialized in government funding and support for innovation, to invite high potential customers to privilege events. But this time the occasion was very special: Leyton (the racing boat) was taking the start of the 2019 "Transat Jacques Vabre" from Le Havre to Salvador de Bahia, and Leyton (the Board of Directors) had chartered a yacht to cheer and support their famous skippers - Sam Goodchild and Fabien Delahaye - off the virtual start line already high at sea.
    In addition to an exclusive tour of the 12.2m, 300m² sail area racer prior to the big day, the weekend was the occasion for Leyton and LEXISTEMS to strenghten their relationship, in a networking environment where the business press was also in large representation. LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier (and spouse) spent a lot of time with institutional representatives and media directors, which paves to way to more awareness about LEXISTEMS' foreseeable bright future.
    We decided to wait for the end of the race to release this news. Smart move: Leyton ended second in the Class 40 category, in 18 days and 0 hours, just 8 hours after Crédit Mutuel but with several speed record matches along the way in a constant sail to sail pressure. Un grand Bravo to Goodchild, Delahaye and Leyton!
  • IBC 2019: LEXISTEMS demonstrates SensibleTV's new AI-based TV & VOD context management, similarity inference and mobile app

    IBC 2019: LEXISTEMS demonstrates SensibleTV's new AI-based TV & VOD context management, similarity inference and mobile app

    September 22, 2019
    Same show, 12 months later! One year ago, IBC 2018 saw LEXISTEMS introduce SensibleTV, the ultimate vocal interface to search, find and consume TV programs, VOD contents and additional services in true natural language, in several languages. Compared to existing solutions, the leap in performance, simplicity and user empowerment was noticed by the industry, leading to a number of partnerships among worldwide telcos, content providers and middleware designers.
    A wealth of world's premiere functionalities
    This year, SensibleTV strengthens its technological advance with 3x more powerful AI models enabling the Graal in user interfaces: full context management and similarity inferences. Let's say you ask SensibleTV a simple question like "Find me the best family flicks with dogs this weekend". You get them instantly, aggregated from your VOD services like Netflix and the channels in your TV plan. Now say "and with cats or bees but not horses". Tada! You get new results, instantly refined, just matching your wishes. Of course, this applies to any kind of program features like actors (or directors, musicians, etc.), channels or services, broadcast time, and so on.
    Another example of SensibleTV's new superpowers is similarity inference. This serves instant results for queries like "I wanna see the best series like Friends that take place in New-York City". In conjunction with context management, change your mind and ask "or in Los Angeles" then "and like Law and Order". Voilà: you've got what you wanted. It's as simple as that, whatever the language used among those supported by SensibleTV, because SensibleTV works by meaning - not by keywords like its competition does.
    Fruitful demos
    This was demonstrated on Sagemcom's elegant booth with Sagemcom's brand new devices and STBs, in both far-field (ambiant listening) and near-field (user-triggered listening from the remote) modes. Other demonstrations included implementations with or without already installed vocal assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as a prototype SensibleTV mobile app to pilot TV/VOD devices and services from your phone. Which, logically, led to new marks of interest among other majors in the industry, some of whom are currently becoming new LEXISTEMS partners...
  • LEXISTEMS awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission

    LEXISTEMS awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission

    July 2, 2019
    Getting the EC's Seal of Excellence is no small feat in itself, but getting it upon initial proposal of a project is something quite rare, especially for a startup. LEXISTEMS is accordingly very proud to receive it for its SensibleTV solution (TV and VOD by Meaning), which is thereby deemed Excellent from both technology and market standpoints, and therefore ready for large-scale commercial deployment all over Europe and beyond.
    But what exactly is the Seal of Excellence? The Commission presents it as a quality label awarded to the best projects submitted to the EU's "H2020" Research and Innovation programme, in order to help funding bodies take advantage of the programme's highly competitive, 360° Evaluation process. The Seal of Excellence shows political commitment by displaying the signature of the Commissioners. It is digitally sealed against fraud, as is the evaluation summary report.
    In other words, the Commission recognizes the value of LEXISTEMS SensibleTV and validates the benefits it brings to services and contents providers (Telcos, VOD services...) as well as their end users. In addition to protecting data privacy by design - which is unique on the market - SensibleTV brings real-life understanding to devices, assistants and applications, and therefore true user empowerment in a home entertainment context. That's because SensibleTV is based on LEXISTEMS'® technology, which processes data by meaning. Compared to GAFAM's solutions, which are all based on keywords, SensibleTV is a quantum leap in performance and ease of use, kind of like switching directly from 3G to 5G.
  • LEXISTEMS takes an active part in Europe's Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI

    LEXISTEMS takes an active part in Europe's Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI

    June 26, 2019
    On April 8, 2019, the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on AI presented its Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, following the publication of the Guidelines' first draft in December 2018 on which more than 500 comments were received through an open consultation.
    Now that the time has come for practicality, LEXISTEMS has been selected by the AI HLEG to participate in shaping the Guidelines' Trustworthy AI Assessment List, and more specifically to help define its application to the Telecommunications & Media sector.
    This is both a significant institutional recognition and an important cause to defend for LEXISTEMS, whose mission, as publisher of the technology (Data by Meaning), includes a fundamental ethics dimension.
    In all its products derived from the technology, LEXISTEMS promotes total data security and privacy by design. In effect, LEXISTEMS solutions, among which SensibleSearch and SensibleTV, rely on controllable components and do not hijack users or contents data. At all. They allow customers to run applications on their own premises / infrastructure, thereby preventing any code or data excursion to remote clouds of foreign, national interest-based jurisdiction.
    Far from just being a market positioning motto, this unique "Ethics by Design" approach carries numerous engineering and industrial requirements. These are precisely what LEXISTEMS intends to submit to the HLEG so that everyone in Europe, and possibly beyond, can rest assured that their everyday AIs are fully respectful of applicable laws and ethical values.
  • LEXISTEMS enters EarlyMetrics' Top 20

    LEXISTEMS enters EarlyMetrics' Top 20

    June 17, 2019
    LEXISTEMS is now ranked within the Top 20 of startups by EarlyMetrics, the Rating Agency for Innovative SMEs, whose mission is to assess the growth potential of innovation ventures. "In addition to validating LEXISTEMS' growth strategy, this ranking helps LEXISTEMS customers, partners and investors better appreciate the company's achievements and objectives, which in turn brings trust and opportunities" said Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS CEO, upon receiving the post-rating report.
    EarlyMetric's screening and analysis process covers 50 dimensions that characterize the current stage of a startup's development, including technologies, products, market adequation, human resources, cash flow, etc. To guarantee independence and neutrality, the evaluation is free of charge, which is why EarlyMetrics' audience is growing quarter after quarter among incubators, accelerators, media and other key ecosystem players.
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier pleads with Cédric Villani for a sovereign European AI

    LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier pleads with Cédric Villani for a sovereign European AI

    April 12, 2019
    Can anyone imagine Boeing storing its data on a European Cloud? Or a Chinese law enforcement agency using a European software platform to analyze its big data? No, of course. And yet, that is frequently happening in Europe. A number of European companies and administrations choose to rely on non-European technologies for strategic activities and data processing - mainly AI-based - even though competitive alternatives of European origin and jurisdiction do exist. Should we try and do something about it? Probably, if only to secure the future of Europe's data and digital sovereignty. That was the topic of the conference that took place at the prestigious Hotel de L'Industrie in Paris.
    After Mr Villani, France's famous mathematician, Fields Medal recipient and now representative of the 5th Essones constituency, articulated the key takeaways from his government-mandated Report on Artificial Intelligence, the consensus among participants was clear. Europe has the economic means and intellectual resources to compete equally with the two other blocks. What we lack is an artificial intelligence strategy at European level.
    It is in this context that LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier, among other European AI companies' executives, pleaded again for the implementation of regulations similar to the American Patriot and Cloud Acts - or their Chinese implicit equivalents - and their application to AI at EU level. Everyone agrees that this is the mandatory bootstrap of a virtuous circle of funding, innovation, growth and autonomy in AI, with the ultimate objective to preserve our common economy, defense and culture. At the end of the conference, there was no doubt among attendees that artificial intelligence is both an industrial revolution, a change of civilization and an opportunity for Europe - should the authorities start to act on it.
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier is nominated VP of Operation Lancelot for Europe's Digital Sovereignty

    LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier is nominated VP of Operation Lancelot for Europe's Digital Sovereignty

    March 28, 2019
    Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS CEO, today accepted the function of Vice-President of Operation Lancelot, a non-profit initiative and businesses cluster to promote action for the protection of Europe's data and related assets at the ecosystem and institutional levels. Among participants are Qwant, Whaller, YooCan, DataValoris and others.
    Operation Lancelot is born from the observation that the new digital civilization impacts Europe's sovereignty at three levels: sovereignty over personal and business data, political sovereignty over a cyber-territory that is no longer geography-bound, and economic sovereignty in a global economic world. At the same time, the idea that control over our digital fate would already be split between the USA and China couldn't be more wrong. Dedicated regulations can still be passed and enforced. But nothing can be achieved if not at European level and scale.
    To that effect, Operation Lancelot will define a Digital Sovereignty Pact with commitments to be endorsed by officials and representatives. These commitments all revolve around the notion that protecting European data requires competitive European data technologies. For effectiveness, they will aim at creating business value, establishing european values as standards for digital ethics, and allowing for societal participation in the decision-making when it comes to fundamental digital questions. Marie Granier will be in charge of overseeing the promotion of this agenda for all matters regarding Artificial Intelligence.
  • LEXISTEMS steals the show at CES 2019

    LEXISTEMS steals the show at CES 2019

    January 11, 2019
    CES is definitely the place to be when you have a truly disruptive digital innovation to introduce. After IBC in Amsterdam last September, this year's CES in Las Vegas was the occasion for LEXISTEMS to further demonstrate SensibleTV, its TV and VOD by Meaning solution, and prove its technological and business benefits compared to all the GAFAM's keywords-based offerings combined.
    SensibleTV empowers users by enabling true natural language interactions with TVs, set-top boxes and VOD services. Equipped with SensibleTV, systems and applications really understand users, like in real life, and therefore deliver better results with more contents. SensibleTV does not, by design, capture any content or user data, and it allows customers to run applications entirely on their premises / infrastructure, thereby protecting assets and margins. Who can say the same among today's digital assistants?
    That is why LEXISTEMS, whose presence was kindly hosted on Sagemcom's private booth at The Venetian, was a must stop during the now famous "Telco Tour", a first-day event that gathers CTOs and CMOs from the worldwide telecom operators / M&E industries. It was an opportunity for LEXISTEMS to show SensibleTV to Comcast, Bell, Altice US and France, Orange, Netflix and others, a number of whom later came back for further private demos and business discussions. To be continued...
  • LEXISTEMS receives two Enedis Awards

    LEXISTEMS receives two Enedis Awards

    November 27, 2018
    LEXISTEMS is both proud and honored to have received one of the five Enedis Startup of the Year 2018 Prizes, as well as the one and only President's Favorite Award, for its disruptive meaning-based data technologies.
    A crowd of innovators and business people, the business press and naturally Enedis senior staff had gathered in the splendor of Paris' City Hall for the ceremony - a moment that has now established itself as a major event in the AI, IOT and Big Data ecosystem. Of this year's five categories - Customer relations and Local services, Industrial performance, Training / Management, Health and Security, The Technician 3.0 - it is in the last one that LEXISTEMS has been distinguished, for a project of smart man-machine interface to be added to an existing application. The objective here is to let Enedis field technicians access a complex and heterogeneous library of maintenance documents in truly natural language. In other words, to equip them with a digital expert available 24/7, by speech or text, when in operation.
    Confirming that great news may come in pairs, LEXISTEMS also received Enedis' President's Favorite Award from the hands of Philippe Maloubou for "the extraordinary advance that accessing data by meaning represents." According to President Maloubou, "LEXISTEMS' solutions have a huge potential within data-rich organizations like Enedis because they make our capital of business expertise and know-how accessible in the simplest way possible..."
  • LEXISTEMS SensibleTV<sup>®</sup> makes sensational debut at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam  -  [VIDEO]

    LEXISTEMS SensibleTV® makes sensational debut at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam  -  [VIDEO]

    September 17, 2018
    Interacting freely with a TV, a set-top box, a connected device... A promise made by many but that only LEXISTEMS delivers for real, today, in several languages.
    With the SensibleTV solution, just ask "Any family programs with dogs on mornings Thursday or Friday before 9 AM?" or "Find premiere romantic comedies in French with subtitles next week on my pay channels" and results arrive immediately, with a wealth of details on the returned programs when they show up on screen.
    That's what LEXISTEMS showed many telecom / TV / VOD operators from the entire world, on Sagemcom's spectacular IBC booth, using Sagemcom's set-top boxes equipped vith vocal remotes. And if it is any indication, the time spent by these professionals watching the demo and playing with the system themselves clearly revealed an utmost interest in SensibleTV's performance and possibilities. For end users, obviously, but also for operators as countless applicative opportunities combine with the benefit of keeping control of all exchanged data (which is where the value is).
    Based on LEXISTEMS' meaning-based data technologies, SensibleTV indeed outperforms all comparable 'big name' solutions scheduled for release in 2019. Why? Because SensibleTV isn't limited by the use of keywords or the number of intentions and entities to hardcode. Far from it's competitors' basic questions and simplistic queries, SensibleTV offers everyone a natural, intuitive experience in the consumption of media programs and additional services. Not to mention the most precise profiled recommendations system in this galaxy.
    So you didn't make it to IBC this year? Or you missed the demo? Here's the replay...
  • An Interview with Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS CEO, on Capital TV  -  [VIDEO]

    An Interview with Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS CEO, on Capital TV  -  [VIDEO]

    July 24, 2018
    Intelligent interactions between man and data... that's what LEXISTEMS' meaning-based data technologies are about, as Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS CEO, explains on Capital TV - one of France's main business media (in French).
    When organizations abandon plain keywords and adopt meaning for data access and processing, added value is everywhere: employees feel empowered and become way more productive, customers finally get meaningful answers to their questions or enquiries, and machine-to-machine processes are capable of connecting data to automatically produce expert insights. Whatever the data type (text, geographical, digital or mathematical), structure (or lack thereof) or origin (corporate and/or public), whatever the user interface (from a simple search widget in a web or mobile app to a conversational chatbot), meaning is a powerful game changer, if only by turning the costs of producing and storing data into actionable business value and measurable ROI.
    Watch Marie elaborate in layman's terms...
  • LEXISTEMS Co-signs France's Startups Call for Europe's Digital Innovation

    LEXISTEMS Co-signs France's Startups Call for Europe's Digital Innovation

    June 18, 2018
    "France has become a Startup Nation... From France, we are calling on Europe authorities to fulfil the continent's vocation as a world-class innovator. Europe is fully capable of making its own technological history without any insidious help from other blocks or countries."
    The first and last sentences of "L'Appel des Cadets" published in Economie Matin sum up perfectly the wishes and ambition of the co-signers (among whom YOOCAN, EELO, WHALLER and FTPE). In a context of defensive or inward-looking attitude, short-terms vision and resigned dependence on GAFAM, Europe must more than ever position itself as an institutional incubator for the most innovative startups and an economic and societal magnet for the most brilliant minds. Let's hope that the Call, which follows Marie Granier's hearing by the E.U. Commission, will have the resonance it deserves...
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier Opened the Nantes Dinner of <em>Club IT For Business</em>

    LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier Opened the Nantes Dinner of Club IT For Business

    June 14, 2018
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: en route to Augmented Computing... It is around this question - quite pregnant today among business leaders - that Club IT for Business hosted their Nantes Dinner at L'Atlantide 1874, a venue well known to the city gourmets. And it is Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS' CEO, who delivered the opening speech.
    Granier reminded the audience of leaders of the high stakes and broad implications of this industrial revolution and at the same time warned them against the temptation of rushing adoption, based solely on hype or the fear of missing out.
    The takeaway? Always consider AI ​​for what it really is, i.e. a set of technologies (imagery, natural language, predictive analysis...), not an end in itself. Using examples, Granier explained why a bottom-up approach is key to successful deployments: start from concrete business problems, then validate, with the help of field and technical experts, the relevance of applying AI rather than other technologies to tackle these problems in an efficient, sustainable and economical way.
  • LEXISTEMS Pleads at the European Commission for Europe's Digital Sovereignty

    LEXISTEMS Pleads at the European Commission for Europe's Digital Sovereignty

    May 18, 2018
    In the context of consultations prior to possible legislative proposals, the E.U. Commission wanted to hear LEXISTEMS on the hot topic of European digital sovereignty. Marie Granier, CEO of the company, took the opportunity to remind the honorable assembly that the control of data is fundamentally dependent on the technologies with which data is accessed and that, therefore, actively fostering the emergence of European technologies, as our competitors do, may not necessarily be a bad idea.
    The big picture here is that the digitization of the world is accelerating and Europe faces losing its ability to control its data, i.e. its cultural, economic and military independence, i.e. its identity.
    Is it too late? Maybe not. In what she called an "Appeal of May 18", Marie Granier strongly urged its representatives that Europe immediately adopt more proactive structural policies, strengthen Commission- or State-owned structures and vote support budgets dimensioned for the magnitude and irreversibility of the issue.
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier Meets Altice CEO Patrick Drahi and SFR Group CEO Alain Weill

    LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier Meets Altice CEO Patrick Drahi and SFR Group CEO Alain Weill

    April 26, 2018
    It was in the welcoming setting of Novotel Nantes that took place a small committee lunch (hosted by ADN Ouest) whose purpose was to help identify common opportunities of value creation between the attendees.
    After she summed up the unique benefits of accessing and processing data by meaning, Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS' CEO, and Patrick Drahi, CEO of Altice, agreed on the major commercial interest of tagging media streams in real time based on meaning. Developments in this direction are under way at LEXISTEMS (the SensibleTags® technology), which should quickly materialize in operational APIs and open the door to unprecedented business applications.
    With Alain Weill, CEO of SFR Group, the discussion naturally turned to multimedia content. It didn't take much time for everyone to agree that smart interactions between users, devices (TV, boxes, remote controls) and operators / content providers is a prime objective for the industry. "Smart" as in simple, intuitive, in natural language. Here too, LEXISTEMS technologies - SensibleTV and SensibleMedia - represent immediately applicable solutions, well ahead of what the industry and GAFAM are proposing. Not to mention the possibility for each of the parties to keep control of the exchanges and thus of the valuable data produced by these exchanges. At the end of the lunch, the consensus was that the general public should benefit from these innovations as early as 2019...