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Welcome to a solution that understands both people and data.

A solution that lets anyone search, process and connect information by meaning instead of keywords.

A solution that performs better than the most famous search engines AND is applicable directly to your organization's own data and documents. With industrial strength, full scalability and end-to-end RGPD / CCPA compliance.

Data used to be a problem. Now it's a source of profit, performance and customer satisfaction.

Discover how and why adopting SensibleData is the most sensible business decision you can make...

SensibleData solves your data pain points

Exponential growth, rising costs, lifecycles, silos, security, compliance...

While traditional, keywords-based solutions can't cope, SensibleData delivers field-tested solutions.

Problem: 80% of data goes "dark", i.e unknown or unused. Loss of monetization adds to ever increasing production, management and storage costs.
Solution: By making your data and documents easily available and consumable, SensibleData turns them into profitable, competitive assets. By bringing them effortlessly to their intended users, it inverts the absurd cost/benefit ratio.
Problem: You don't have time to prepare, normalize or tag data for applicative integration.
Solution: SensibleData understands data and documents without preparation or modification. Your time is saved, data integrity is preserved (no disruption) and information becomes immediately discoverable.
Silo organization
Problem: People in your organization, not to mention users, have different data needs and requirements.
Solution: SensibleData unifies data and documents into a single knowledge base, adding public data if necessary. This aggregation bridges organizational gaps, fosters synergies and factorizes information value.
Problem: Your data and documents are dynamic by nature. Some are discarded while others get enriched or updated (very) frequently.
Solution: SensibleData can automatically access, digest and make new data available to users as it is produced.
Problem: GDPR, DPA, CCPA... You have to ensure compliance. Your organization is legally bound and it's your professional responsibility. But compliance is complex and you don't have the time, expertise or resources.
Solution: Because it is compliant by design with privacy and other business-specific data regulations, SensibleData takes care of everything. It can also process data as it ingests them, thereby enforcing any kind of specific regulation on the fly, including pseudo/anonymization.
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Compatibility / Interoperability
Problem: From legacy to mobile, your data is diverse in structure and formats. The more apps and sources (corporate, business, production, office, emails, social networks...) the bigger the problem.
Solution: SensibleData can ingest a very large variety of data formats, structured or not. Reconciling technicalities restores consistency, which simplifies information management and allows valuable data connections.
Problem: Your data and user base grow exponentially. Your current data apps don't scale up.
Solution: SensibleData is container-based so horizontal scalability is easy by design - in capacity and performance. Code is parallelized while transaction payloads are optimized for bandwidth saving and fast results delivery. As HPC Veterans, we know what efficiency means.
Problem: You have data and documents in several languages. Traditional data solutions are monolingual.
Solution: SensibleData's meaning-based technology is not language-constrained, contrary to keywords or manually-defined intents and entities. Answering questions on data in another language (or several of them) empowers users and maximizes information consumability.
Problem: Your data contains a lot of corporate and business terms, phrases and acronyms.
Solution: In addition to built-in machine-learning, SensibleData supports business and corporate thesauri (a number of vertical-specific extensions are already available) so that it is fully operational from day 1 of deployment. Human moderation / supervision is included.
Custom processing
Problem: Your data requires in-house or external custom / expert processing before it is read or consumed.
Solution: A SensibleData solution is a bespoke pipeline of orchestrable workers assembled for your own specific usecase. Industry standard connectors allow custom plugins from any origin and at any stage of the processing. These plugins can be local code packages or remote services. SensibleData doesn't have to know what the code does: sensitive black boxes are welcome.
Problem: Moving your data to the Cloud solves basic IT problems but increases data traffic, latency of results and loss of control.
Solution: SensibleData backends can reside on premises, in private, public or hybrid clouds... wherever is closest to your data and users. For better performance and lower network costs.
Problem: Your data has value but there's ever more breaches and abuses. Storing it out of premises, making it available for mobile use and opening it for external processing only increases the risks.
Solution: SensibleData does not use or transport your data and documents. It reads them, understands them and uses only a vectorized digest, meaningful only to your own SensibleData application. This, in addition to http2 network transport and processing in locked containers with no open ports, guarantees total, state-of-the-art protection.

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SensibleData's fact sheet

SensibleData is:

  • a solution for efficient interactions
  • with data and documents, business and/or public
  • in true, everyday natural language -- speech or text.

SensibleData does:

  • understand data and people's questions
  • automatically ingest new or updated information
  • ensure data compliance, security and availability.

SensibleData can:

  • search, process, connect and combine
  • text, numeric, mathematic and geographic data
  • with no modification of existing sources and workflows.

SensibleData creates:

  • empowerment and satisfaction among users and customers
  • operational insights from existing, unrelated information
  • significant value and measurable ROI out of any data and documents.

(White paper) Leveraging enterprise data with automatic Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing...

LEXISTEMS + NetApp + APY White paper cover.

Data has become every organization’s main asset. In a global society where digitalization is now a given, data is the fuel on which all exchanges run and the basis on which most value is created.

In a recent usecase, LEXISTEMS, NetApp and APY tackled a business problem typical of today’s document-rich organizations by automating AI-based data processing in natural language.

The key actors: LEXISTEMS’ SensibleData solution and NetApp’s DataFabric AI-based storage combined in a global AI-bound solution designed and built by APY’s AI Lab.

The result: data and documents become a sustainable source of profit, performance and customer satisfaction - providing smarter competitive insights and actively helping users zero in on unrealized business opportunities.

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A few SensibleData usecases
Enedis - Cinke

Problems solved: Enedis, France's main power grid operator, wanted to be able to predict intervention times for their field technicians, taking into account a huge history of incident reports as well as public traffic and wheater data, with possible alternatives. The application adapts to the company's functional organization by regions and the precise predictions vary according to an infinity of incident conditions details: site layout and history, types of equipments, time of day, etc. The predictions are available in real time, with as few keystrokes / vocal inputs as possible. AI-based autocompletion everywhere enables call centers' respondents to give estimates immediately upon incident reports.

Data types: The intervention history mainly consists of Excel files summing up intervention reports. Routes, traffic and wheater conditions come from public data served by backends dedicated to the application. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.

Enedis - Procédures

Problems solved: Enedis, France's main power grid operator, needed a search / data matching engine capable of answering very technical questions and detailing corporate processes from a significant documents base (Office and PDF files, mainly). The SensibleData solution was delivered with two user interfaces : one is a conversational chatbot, the other is a more classical search engine except that it features a number of user-definable parameters (see the sidebar) to fine-tune results. Both implementations are operational as delivered, with backends and data residing on premises. Both implementations support vocal input so that techniciens in the field can get results hands-free.

Data types: The source knowledge base is a compilation of technical documents repositories covering all aspects of Enedis' internal procedures including field interventions, hardware information, security guidelines and HR-related processes. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.

Total - HSE

Problems solved - Total S.A., one of the six "Supermajor" oil companies in the world, has a very strong commitment to health, security and environment (HSE) matters. To raise awareness and share internal + regulated best practices among employees, they needed to expose and facilitate access to their global treasury of HSE resources. Smarty, based solely on SensibleData, was the solution: a multi-purpose bot capable of answering any HSE-related question, text or speech. Smarty is shown here in its English user interface, with a question asked in English returning results in the currently available languages (SensibleData being meaning-based, the source language has no importance).

Data types - The exposed HSE resources include Office files, PDFs, corporate intranets and public websites contents, in several languages. The tables shown in the screenshot are rendered from a PDF table. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.

Société Générale - Compliance

Problems solved - Société Générale, a leading global 'universal' bank, faces complex compliance regulations on most of its operations. To the extent that, even for the most seasoned professional, knowing everything within their domain is just impossible. For SensibleData, the objective is simple: to help everyone find the right, actionable information as if they could ask a team of experts available 24/7 in all timezones. Since regulations may vary territory-wise, this usecase returns relevant results whatever the language of the question and that of the target documents. The screenshot shows results in English and French to a question in English, with SensibleData's result evaluation widget enabled.

Data types - The compliance resources included in this usecase consist of an intranet with explicative pages leading to regulatory PDF documents, either public or of SocGen origin. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.


Problems solved - Service-Public.fr is the global portal of the French public administration. It exposes a comprehensive collection of information, resources, reference texts and official forms relating to legal and regulatory matters for individuals, businesses and non-profits. At the request of a major French insurance company wishing to offer their customers a 24/7 legal Q&A system, thereby saving millions a year in level-1 customer assistance, SensibleData is giving access to this immense wealth of knowledge via a natural-language conversational interface (to be integrated later within the company's website and mobile apps). The screenshot shows a sample question and its final answer plus the offical references and a number of machine-learnt suggestions that help users find more on the current topic.

Data types - Service-Public.fr is an open data website. Its entire content is just read, daily and automatically, for direct availability in SensibleData.

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Your SensibleData ROI

SensibleData's difference is that it delivers immediate, measurable benefits in data-related usecases.

Here are the main reasons why SensibleData means user satisfaction and sustainable value creation:

Whatever your applications, SensibleData makes your data a profit center.
With SensibleData, your (and public) data become consumable everywhere, by everyone, via speech or text.
SensibleData understands all your data and documents[1] without modification.
LEXISTEMS SensibleData ROI diagram.
Your data grow and change. SensibleData adapts and scales without disruption.
SensibleData keeps your data in your datastores, using only a protected, vectorized version in locked containers through http2.
SensibleData complies with all data regulations, current and future.
[1] Restrictions may apply.

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