LEXISTEMS SensibleMedia - The only in-media search solution

The in-media search solution that understands all contents.

Welcome to a unique in-media search solution.

The idea is simple: your (and public) media contain a wealth of data and information unavailable anywhere else.

By letting your teams, users or customers search the content of videos, podcasts, webinars, e-events, etc., SensibleMedia helps you create mucho value out of media assets.

Results are presented by complete sentences in an intuitive interface. Click the Play button and you'll see or hear the section of the media matching your query.

It's like finding the right needles in a lot of haystacks.

It's about accessing media-based information directly, immediately, with no time wasted.

Discover why adopting SensibleMedia is the most sensible decision you can make today...

SensibleMedia's critical features

  • Functional

    • Full-text in-media search
    • Speech or text input (multilingual)
    • Filters on media content, metadata and custom additional data
    • Full sentence results for perfect usability
    • 1-click direct access to source media
    • 100% adaptable to corporate or industry vocabularies
    • 100% customizable for functional post-processings.
  • Technical

    • Available as a software or plug & play hardware solution (API server appliance)
    • Usable in several modes: SaaS or managed, public or private
    • Installable on any infrastructure, including 100% on-premises
    • Comes with an optimized, fully customizable frontend user interface
    • Optimized GPU requirements
    • Ethical architecture.
  • Eco-responsibility

    • Eco-responsible from design to production use
    • Optional carbon metrics returned with all results.
  • Availability and support

    • Available and supported worldwide through the SENSIBLE Alliance.
  • GAFAM-free and therefore

    • ...sensibly cost-effective via subscription or one-off pricings
    • ...fully secured and compliant with all Data and Privacy regulations, end to end.
< 3 mg
Average nominal CO2 emission per query.
GPU not required.
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SensibleMedia solves media contents pain points

There's a wealth of valuable information in your (and public) media.

SensibleMedia brings it to your audiences, easily, and everyone benefits.

Problem: You want your (and public) media searchable.
Solution: SensibleMedia is the only in-media search solution. It comes full-featured and ready to run.
Problem: Your media assets should be a profit center.
Solution: SensibleMedia's efficiency and ease of use turn any media assets into a permanent, compounded source of profitable information.
Problem: You need in-media search in addition to your existing search solutions.
Solution: SensibleMedia's engine is callable from any existing application or search engine. Its user interface adapts to any frontend context with a few lines of code. Results can be linked to any additional custom data.
Access rights
Problem: You need to control who sees/hears what, and when.
Solution: SensibleMedia connects to enterprise directories, user profiles APIs and implements access control by any custom categories.
Business specificity
Problem: Your organization and/or industry use specific vocabularies.
Solution: SensibleMedia can be trained on the most specific vocabularies, regardless of languages. Business specificity comes in addition to general-purpose models.
Custom processing
Problem: You need additional processing along in-media search results.
Solution: Like all LEXISTEMS solutions, SensibleMedia can be augmented with any kind of custom plugins or black boxes. Name it, we'll connect it.
More solved pain points...
Problem: Your media assets will only grow...
Solution: As an API or server appliance, SensibleMedia scales horizontally to as many users and as many media as desired.
Problem: Your data and media are sensitive.
Solution: In API or server appliance mode, SensibleMedia can be deployed 100% on premises or on your own infrastructure. Secured protocols protect network traffic end-to-end, with complete shielding from network access.
Problem: GDPR, DPA, CCPA... Your organization is legally bound and compliance is your professional responsibility.
Solution: SensibleMedia complies by design with privacy and other business-specific data regulations, current and future.

Examples of SensibleMedia use cases

Corporate - Safety precautions against Covid‑19

This example, in Spanish since SensibleMedia is multilingual, shows the results of searching videos from different government agencies for safety precautions against COVID-19 in the workplace. Results are ranked by relevance. Additional filters are available to refine searches on media content and metadata (dates, speakers, categories, tags, sources, languages). This illustrates how SensibleMedia helps organizations offer their teams and customers access to a mix of corporate and public videos. The variety of subjects is infinite: products presentations, user guides, internal training, keynotes... For such use cases, SensibleMedia can be totally rebranded and hosted on organizations' websites.

Note: this example is based on publicly available videos only.

Educational - Tutorials excerpts on a specific topic

This example features a repository of educational videos on advanced computer programming. The repo was combed for explanations on quite a specific topic: sparse matrices, their representation and computation. The capture shows how SensibleMedia helps anyone -- students and professionals alike -- immediately find precise, actionable information from within long tutorial videos or podcasts. When multimedia is as easily searchable as other digital contents, more value is created and everyone benefits: the publishers and their users / customers as well. For such use cases, SensibleMedia can be totally rebranded and hosted on publishers' websites.

Note: this example is based on publicly available videos only.

Institutional - Topic-related excerpts from speeches and meetings

In this example, SensibleMedia searched speeches and interviews by French politicians about decentralization. Results are ranked by significance and dates. The capture illustrates how SensibleMedia helps institutional or elected bodies (City councils, Chambers of commerce...) expose their audio/video meetings and hearings to the public. People are then able to quickly access passages on topics important to them, instead of browsing recordings that can be several hours long. For such use cases, SensibleMedia can be totally rebranded and hosted on the institutions' websites.

Note: this example is based on publicly available videos only.

Your SensibleMedia ROI

As the only in-media search solution, SensibleMedia gives you intrinsic ROI.

Its design features and pricing options just add to the overall value.

SensibleMedia is ready to deploy, wherever and however you want. No complex setup. Time‑to‑results is immediate.
SensibleMedia can be augmented with specific corporate/vertical vocabularies and additional custom processing of in-media results.
SensibleMedia's pricing options match your budget with predictable, no hidden costs.
LEXISTEMS SensibleMedia: guaranteed ROI.
SensibleMedia scales along your user base. Adopt it once and expand with it.
In API or server Appliance mode, SensibleMedia runs entirely on your infrastructure through secured network protocols with shielding from public access.
SensibleMedia enforces all Data and Privacy regulations, current and future.

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