LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch - AI-based enterprise search

The enterprise search solution that understands people and data.

SensibleSearch is the smartest, fastest and most secure Enterprise Search solution.

Based on meaning instead of keywords, it lets anyone find, process and connect information by voice or text, with perfect accuracy and typo tolerance. From any mix of structured and unstructured data, in virtually any format.

SensibleSearch is blockchain- and Web3-ready (any token, any smart contract) and can be deployed *on your infrastructure*. Your data and documents are secured throughout their lifecycle, with industrial strength, full scalability and 100% GDPR / CCPA compliance.

Data used to be a problem. Now it's a source of profit, performance and customer satisfaction.

Discover why adopting SensibleSearch is the most sensible decision you can make today...

SensibleSearch's critical features

  • Functional

    • Meaning-based data search and connection
    • Filters on data content, metadata and custom additional data
    • Full data access control (enterprise directories, user profiles, custom categories)
    • Smart queries autosuggestions
    • Smart question answering
    • Optional data anonymization
    • Optional documents summarization
    • Optional connections to public data sources
    • Speech or text input (multilingual)
    • 100% adaptable to corporate or industry vocabularies
    • 100% customizable for functional post-processings.
  • Technical

    • Available as a software or plug & play hardware solution (API server appliance)
    • Installable on any infrastructure, including 100% on-premises
    • Comes with an optimized, fully customizable frontend user interface
    • Optimized GPU requirements
    • Ethical architecture.
  • Eco-responsibility

    • Eco-responsible from design to production use
    • Optional carbon metrics returned with all results.
  • Availability and support

    • Available and supported worldwide through the SENSIBLE Alliance.
  • GAFAM-free and therefore

    • ...sensibly cost-effective via subscription or one-off pricings
    • ...fully secured and compliant with all Data and Privacy regulations, end to end.
< 3 mg
Average nominal CO2 emission per query.
GPU not required.
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SensibleSearch solves your data pain points

Exponential growth, rising costs, lifecycles, silos, security, compliance...

While traditional, keywords-based solutions can't cope, SensibleSearch delivers field-tested solutions.

Problem: You don't have time to prepare, normalize or tag data for enterprise search or applicative integration.
Solution: SensibleSearch understands data and documents without preparation or modification. Your time is saved, data integrity is preserved and information becomes immediately available.
Problem: 80% of data goes "dark", i.e unknown or unused. Loss of monetization compounds with ever increasing production, management and storage costs.
Solution: By making your data and documents easily consumable, SensibleSearch turns them into profitable, competitive assets. By delivering them effortlessly to their intended users, it inverts the absurd cost/benefit ratio.
Silo organization
Problem: People in your organization, not to mention users, have different data needs and requirements.
Solution: SensibleSearch unifies data and documents into a single knowledge base, adding public data if necessary. This aggregation bridges organizational gaps, fosters synergies and multiplies information value.
Access rights
Problem: You need to control who sees what, and when.
Solution: SensibleSearch connects to enterprise directories, user profiles APIs and implements access control by any custom categories.
Problem: Your data and documents are dynamic by nature. Some are discarded while others get enriched or updated (very) frequently.
Solution: SensibleSearch can automatically access, digest and make new data available to users as it is produced.
Problem: GDPR, DPA, CCPA... You have to ensure compliance. Your organization is legally bound and it's your professional responsibility.
Solution: Because it is compliant by design with privacy and other business-specific data regulations, SensibleSearch takes care of everything. It can also process data as it ingests them, thereby enforcing any kind of specific regulation on the fly, including pseudo/anonymization.
More solved pain points...
Compatibility / Interoperability
Problem: From legacy to mobile, your data is diverse in structure and formats. The more apps and sources (corporate, business, production, office, emails, social networks...) the bigger the problem.
Solution: SensibleSearch can ingest a large variety of data formats, structured or not. Reconciling technicalities restores consistency, which simplifies information management and allows valuable data connections.
Problem: Your data and user base grow exponentially. Your current data applications don't scale up.
Solution: SensibleSearch is container-based so horizontal scalability is included by design -- in capacity and performance. Code is parallelized while transaction payloads are optimized for bandwidth saving, carbon footprint reduction and fast results delivery. As HPC Veterans, we know what scalability means.
Problem: You have data and documents in several languages. Traditional data solutions are monolingual.
Solution: SensibleSearch's meaning-based technology is not language-constrained, contrary to keywords or hardcoded intents and entities. Answering questions on data in another language (or several of them) empowers users and maximizes information consumability.
Business specificity
Problem: Your data contains a lot of corporate and business terms, phrases and acronyms.
Solution: In addition to built-in machine-learning, SensibleSearch supports business and corporate vocabularies so that it is fully operational from day 1. Human moderation / supervision is included.
Custom processing
Problem: Your data requires in-house or external processing before it is read or consumed.
Solution: A SensibleSearch solution is always a pipeline of orchestrable workers assembled for your specific use case. Industry standard connectors allow custom plugins from any origin at any processing stage. These plugins can be local code packages or remote services. SensibleSearch doesn't have to know what the code does: sensitive black boxes are welcome.
Problem: Moving your data to the Cloud solves basic IT problems but increases data traffic, latency of results and loss of control.
Solution: SensibleSearch backends can reside on premises, in private, public or hybrid clouds... wherever is closest to your data and users. For better performance and lower network costs.
Problem: Your data has value but there's ever more breaches and abuses. Storing it out of premises, making it available for mobile use and opening it for external processing only increase the risks.
Solution: SensibleSearch does not use or transport your data and documents. It reads them, understands them and uses only a vectorized digest, meaningful only to your own SensibleSearch application. This, in addition to secured network protocols and shielding from public access, guarantees total, state-of-the-art data security.

tips_and_updatesSee how Total S.A. uses it

In this video*, Total S.A. presents Smarty, its HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) assistant built entirely with LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch.

Smarty's mission is to facilitate access to the rich variety of HSE resources available to all employees within the Group.

Based on LEXISTEMS' Sensible.ai® technology, SensibleSearch works by meaning instead the competition's plain keywords. As a result, Smarty understands both users questions and the target multilingual documents, however complex. It therefore returns results that are way more pertinent and actionable compared to other benchmarked solutions.

The Smarty project was imagined and developed from A to Z in less than 6 months by a small team of HSE people at Total and data engineers at LEXISTEMS. None of the thousands of documents (Office files, PDFs, intranets...), some of them with hundreds of pages, has been modified in any way. Everything was ingested "as is" by SensibleSearch, regardless of format, structure and language.

* Subtitles available in 7 languages.

(White paper) Leveraging enterprise data with automatic Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing...

A few SensibleSearch use cases

Enedis - Procédures

Problems solved - Enedis, France's main power grid operator, needed a search / data matching engine capable of answering technical questions and detailing corporate processes from a significant documents base (Office and PDF files, mainly). The SensibleSearch solution was delivered with two user interfaces : one is an interactive bot, the other is a more usual enterprise search engine except that it features a number of user-definable parameters (see the sidebar) to fine-tune results. Both implementations were operational as initially delivered, with backends and data residing on premises. Both implementations support vocal input so that users get results hands-free.

Data types - The source knowledge base is a repository of technical documents covering all aspects of Enedis' internal procedures including field interventions, hardware information, security guidelines and HR-related processes. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.

Enedis - Cinke

Problems solved - This is a particular SensibleSearch use case. Enedis, France's main power grid operator, wanted to be able to predict intervention times for their field technicians, in real time and on a 24/7 basis. To deliver the desired results with strategic precision, SensibleSearch matches a huge history of past incident reports with the specificities of the current intervention: site layout, types of equipments, failure locality, etc. The predictions are further refined with contextual conditions like traffic and weather data, served by SensibleSearch's ancillary public sources. A particular attention was given to data input: speech-enablement (via LEXISTEMS' SensibleSpeech) and AI-based autocompletion enable call centers' respondents to give time estimates immdiately upon alerts.

Data types - The data history used for predicting mainly consists of Excel files summing up incident reports. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.

Total - HSE

Problems solved - Total S.A., one of the six "Supermajor" oil companies in the world, has a very strong commitment to health, security and environment (HSE) matters. To raise awareness and share internal + regulated best practices among employees, they needed to facilitate access to their global treasury of HSE resources. Smarty, based solely on SensibleSearch, was the solution: a multi-purpose bot capable of answering any HSE-related question, text or speech, with direct access to reference documents. Smarty is shown here in its English user interface, with a question asked in English returning results regardless of the documents' language.

Data types - The available HSE resources include Office files, PDFs, corporate intranets and public websites contents, in several languages. The tables shown in the screenshot are rendered from a PDF table. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.

Société Générale - Compliance

Problems solved - Société Générale, a leading global 'universal' bank, faces complex compliance regulations on most of its operations. For SensibleSearch, the objective is simple: to help everyone find the right, actionable information as if they could ask a team of experts available 24/7 in all timezones. Since regulations may vary by countries or regions, this use case returns relevant results regardless of the language of the question and of the target documents. The screenshot shows results in English and French to a question in English, with SensibleSearch's result evaluation widget enabled.

Data types - The compliance resources included in this use case consist of an intranet with explicative pages leading to regulatory PDF documents, either public or of SocGen origin. None of the original documents had to be modified or otherwise prepared beforehand.


Problems solved - Service-Public.fr is the global portal of the French public services. It exposes a comprehensive collection of information, resources, reference texts and official forms relating to legal matters for individuals, businesses and non-profits. At the request of a major insurance company, SensibleSearch was missioned to build a 24/7 legal Q&A system based on Service-Public.fr. The objective: to help the company save millions a year in level-1 customer assistance. In this application, SensibleSearch gives access to a wealth of knowledge via a natural-language interface (to be later integrated to the company's website and mobile apps). The screenshot shows a sample question and its final answer plus the offical references and a number of machine-learnt suggestions to help users find more on the current topic.

Data types - Service-Public.fr is an open data website. Its entire content is just read, daily and automatically, for direct availability in SensibleSearch.

tips_and_updatesSee a commented SensibleSearch story

Your SensibleSearch ROI

Enterprise search should be about maximizing data value and competitive edge.

From discovery to analysis, connection and access, SensibleSearch creates immediate value on the entire data value chain.

SensibleSearch understands your data and documents[1] without modification. That's a lot less time and efforts compared to the competition.
SensibleSearch connects your and public data on any number of general or business criteria.
With meaning, text or speech, SensibleSearch makes data more accessible and consumable, regardless of the application.
LEXISTEMS SensibleSearch: guaranteed ROI on your document and knowledge applications.
Your data grow and change. SensibleSearch adapts and scales without disruption.
SensibleSearch keeps your data in your datastores, using only a protected, vectorized version through secured network protocols.
SensibleSearch enforces all Data and Privacy regulations, current and future.
[1] Restrictions may apply.

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