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LEXISTEMS in 30 seconds
LEXISTEMS delivers solutions for intelligent interactions between man, machines and data.
These solutions are based on MEANING, through voice or text. They enable everyone to search, connect and analyze information, or to pilot systems, with much more power and precision than with simple keywords.
To that end, LEXISTEMS’ solutions integrate easily into existing applications – Internet/Intranet, mobile or embedded – and devices: TV / set-top boxes, automotive, connected speakers, industrial robots...
By combining state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and digital security, they bring LEXISTEMS’ customers and their users immediately measurable benefits in terms of ease of use, empowerment and performance.
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  • LEXISTEMS receives two Enedis Awards
    November 27, 2018
    LEXISTEMS is both proud and honored to have received one of the five Enedis Startup of the Year 2018 Prizes, as well as the one and only President's Favorite Award, for its disruptive meaning-based data technologies.
    A crowd of innovators and business people, the business press and naturally Enedis senior staff had gathered in the splendor of Paris' City Hall for the ceremony - a moment that has now established itself as a major event in the AI, IOT and Big Data ecosystem. Of this year's five categories - Customer relations and Local services, Industrial performance, Training / Management, Health and Security, The Technician 3.0 - it is in the last one that LEXISTEMS has been distinguished, for a project of smart man-machine interface to be added to an existing application. The objective here is to let Enedis field technicians access a complex and heterogeneous library of maintenance documents in truly natural language. In other words, to equip them with a digital expert available 24/7, by speech or text, when in operation.
    Confirming that great news may come in pairs, LEXISTEMS also received Enedis' President's Favorite Award from the hands of Philippe Maloubou for "the extraordinary advance that accessing data by meaning represents." According to President Maloubou, "LEXISTEMS's solutions have a huge potential within data-rich organizations like Enedis because they make our capital of business expertise and know-how accessible in the simplest way possible..."
  • LEXISTEMS' SensibleTV® makes sensational debut at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam  -  [VIDEO]
    September 17, 2018
    Interacting freely with a TV, a set-top box, a connected device... A promise made by many but that only LEXISTEMS delivers for real, today, in several languages.
    With the SensibleTV® solution, just ask "Any family programs with dogs on mornings Thursday or Friday before 9 AM?" or "Find premiere romantic comedies in French with subtitles next week on my pay channels" and results arrive immediately, with a wealth of details on the returned programs when they show up on screen.
    That's what LEXISTEMS showed many telecom / TV / VOD operators from the entire world, on Sagemcom's spectacular IBC booth, using Sagemcom's set-top boxes equipped vith vocal remotes. And if it is any indication, the time spent by these professionals watching the demo and playing with the system themselves clearly revealed an utmost interest in SensibleTV®'s performance and possibilities. For end users, obviously, but also for operators as countless applicative opportunities combine with the benefit of keeping control of all exchanged data (which is where the value is).
    Based on LEXISTEMS' meaning-based data technologies, SensibleTV® indeed outperforms all comparable 'big name' solutions scheduled for release in 2019. Why? Because SensibleTV® isn't limited by the use of keywords or the number of intentions and entities to hardcode. Far from it's competitors' basic questions and simplistic queries, SensibleTV® offers everyone a natural, intuitive experience in the consumption of media programs and additional services. Not to mention the most precise profiled recommendations system in this galaxy.
    So you didn't make it to IBC this year? Or you missed the demo? Here's the replay...
  • An Interview with Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS CEO, on Capital TV  -  [VIDEO]
    July 24, 2018
    Intelligent interactions between man and data... that's what LEXISTEMS' meaning-based data technologies are about, as Marie Granier, LEXISTEMS' CEO, explains on Capital TV - one of France's main business media (in French).
    When organizations abandon plain keywords and adopt meaning for data access and processing, added value is everywhere: employees feel empowered and become way more productive, customers finally get meaningful answers to their questions or enquiries, and machine-to-machine processes are capable of connecting data to automatically produce expert insights. Whatever the data type (text, geographical, digital or mathematical), structure (or lack thereof) or origin (corporate and/or public), whatever the user interface (from a simple search widget in a web or mobile app to a conversational chatbot), meaning is a powerful game changer, if only by turning the costs of producing and storing data into actionable business value and measurable ROI.
    Watch Marie elaborate in layman's terms...
  • LEXISTEMS Co-signs France's Startups Call for Europe's Digital Innovation
    June 18, 2018
    "France has become a Startup Nation... From France, we are calling on Europe authorities to fulfil the continent's vocation as a world-class innovator. Europe is fully capable of making its own technological history without any insidious help from other blocks or countries."
    The first and last sentences of "L'Appel des Cadets" published in Economie Matin sum up perfectly the wishes and ambition of the co-signers (among whom YOOCAN, EELO, WHALLER and FTPE). In a context of defensive or inward-looking attitude, short-terms vision and resigned dependence on GAFAMs, Europe must more than ever position itself as an institutional incubator for the most innovative startups and an economic and societal magnet for the most brilliant minds. Let's hope that the Call, which follows Marie Granier's hearing by the E.U. Commission, will have the resonance it deserves...
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier Opened the Nantes Dinner of Club IT For Business
    June 14, 2018
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: en route to Augmented Computing... It is around this question - quite pregnant today among business leaders - that Club IT for Business hosted their Nantes Dinner at L'Atlantide 1874, a venue well known to the city gourmets. And it is Marie Granier, CEO of LEXISTEMS, who delivered the opening speech.
    Granier reminded the audience of leaders of the high stakes and broad implications of this industrial revolution and at the same time warned them against the temptation of rushing adoption, based solely on hype or the fear of missing out.
    The takeaway? Always consider AI ​​for what it really is, i.e. a set of technologies (imagery, natural language, predictive analysis...), not an end in itself. Using examples, Granier explained why a bottom-up approach is key to successful deployments: start from concrete business problems, then validate, with the help of field and technical experts, the relevance of applying AI rather than other technologies to tackle these problems in an efficient, sustainable and economical way.
  • LEXISTEMS Pleads at the European Commission for Europe's Digital Sovereignty
    May 18, 2018
    In the context of consultations prior to possible legislative proposals, the E.U. Commission wanted to hear LEXISTEMS on the hot topic of European digital sovereignty. Marie Granier, CEO of the company, took the opportunity to remind the honorable assembly that the control of data is fundamentally dependent on the technologies with which data is accessed and that, therefore, actively fostering the emergence of European technologies, as our competitors do, may not necessarily be a bad idea.
    The big picture here is that the digitization of the world is accelerating and Europe faces losing its ability to control its data, i.e. its cultural, economic and military independence, i.e. its identity.
    Is it too late? Maybe not. In what she called an "Appeal of May 18", Marie Granier strongly urged its representatives that Europe immediately adopt more proactive structural policies, strengthen Commission- or State-owned structures and vote support budgets dimensioned for the magnitude and irreversibility of the issue.
  • LEXISTEMS CEO Marie Granier Meets Altice CEO Patrick Drahi and SFR Group CEO Alain Weill
    April 26, 2018
    It was in the welcoming setting of Novotel Nantes that took place a small committee lunch (hosted by ADN Ouest) whose purpose was to help identify common opportunities of value creation between the attendees.
    After she summed up the unique benefits of accessing and processing data by meaning, Marie Granier, CEO of LEXISTEMS, and Patrick Drahi, CEO of Altice, agreed on the major commercial interest of tagging media streams in real time based on meaning. Developments in this direction are under way at LEXISTEMS (the SensibleTags® technology), which should quickly materialize in operational APIs and open the door to unprecedented business applications.
    With Alain Weill, CEO of SFR Group, the discussion naturally turned to multimedia content. It didn't take much time for everyone to agree that smart interactions between users, devices (TV, boxes, remote controls) and operators / content providers is a prime objective for the industry. "Smart" as in simple, intuitive, in natural language. Here too, LEXISTEMS' technologies - SensibleTV® and SensibleMedia® - represent immediately applicable solutions, well ahead of what the industry and GAFAM are proposing. Not to mention the possibility for each of the parties to keep control of the exchanges and thus of the valuable data produced by these exchanges. At the end of the lunch, the consensus was that the general public should benefit from these innovations as early as 2019...